April 22, 2024


Somehow I cosplayed Übel before Frieren, woops
When she popped up in the anime, instantly I was trying to find and buy the cosplay.

The wig was the challenge here, it’s made from two wigs! The ponytail clip is made out of most of the back of one wig, with extra wefts hot glued into it for more volume.

I also stole the bangs from the sacrifice wig and glued them onto the other one, to give them more volume. Success!

She was shot at the cottage we’d gone to go see the eclipse. We weren’t expecting the lake to still be frozen over, but it was!!

Thank u Mother Nature for referencing the anime, I knew u were a Frieren fan.

Ubel’s Torturous Tease

A sadomasochist mage does her best to figure out what makes you tick…