E-Girl Frieren
March 20, 2024

E-Girl Frieren

this shoot was a part of a youtube vlog! check it out here!

this shoot was a journey,, ehehehe

no but seriously, I don’t think anything of this shoot went to plan.
this entire look was planned around going ice skating as Frieren. the weather had other plans for us. twice.

even the shoot itself was only supposed to be a couple snaps before getting on the ice, but outta nowhere this snowstorm gave us the opportunity to take these really sick pictures at 5am instead! I hadn’t done a freezing cold snow shoot this year, and it seems that winter wasn’t gonna go away without making me do at least one.

the outfit itself was also put together with odd, “didn’t go as planned” pieces. the skirt was supposed to be for a nyan cat look that didn’t happen. the top was from a set that I only needed bottoms from. the harness had been bought for Darkness at Yeticon last year, but ended up not being used. whew.


we may have shot this at 4am during a snowstorm…

E-Girl Frieren

My first no-boundaries full nudity shoot on my Kurai account! Fingers, table, a glass dildo…

(BDSM) Frieren’s Violet Wand

Frieren is made to play with herself using an unusual magical toy…