Battle-worn 2B
January 27, 2024

Battle-worn 2B

A battle-worn 2b comes back to the station to find out she’s due for a battery recharge.

As she enters, the systems notify her that she’s also due for a “System Efficiency and Focus Measurement”…


I wanted to put a fun twist on a frequently cosplayed and iconic character, so I did a battle-worn 2b look!

A small casual photoset that was shot before moving on to the night of video recording ^-^

Systems Analysis

Unsurprisingly, the measuring tool looks as suspicious as the uniform 2B is made to wear…

Charging Cycle

It’s time for 2b to get recharged… with electricity and pleasure.

(BDSM) Overcharging

Unable to refuse, 2b is put through an additional and optional overcharging cycle…