September 17, 2023


A 3D printed artifact, an hour-long hike up a mountain, and a game I’ve played a bit too much of. This is my Shadowheart cosplay!

It’s no surprise that BG3’s goth emo girl Shadowheart was one of my favourite characters from the game.

The look for this shoot was based off of her camp clothes! The artifact was 3D printed, painted and weathered – and I made the hair crown thing and her circlet out of foam clay!
The most challenging part was actually the wig! The chains just wouldn’t stay in place, and it’s surprisingly hard to get a ponytail to look like that!

I literally climbed a mountain for this set pls like it this is a threat

Shar’s Comforts

Relax in the dark woods with Shadowheart as she undresses and ”unwinds” from her day…