Selunite Shadowheart
October 28, 2023

Selunite Shadowheart

More BG3??
It’s not my fault they made a version of Shadowheart with white hair. You know I had to.

We went back to the same place we shot the original Shadowheart, but instead of scaling up a mountain, we did the shoot at dawn by the river (eheheheheheh)

I know I say this all the time but,,, this was actually an adventure.
I had originally planned on having the Spear of Selune 3D printed and assemble and paint it myself,,, but it got delayed and wouldn’t make it in time. The next four days were a foam clay filled blur as I raced to make it.

She may be filled with bread knives for rigidity, but she’s pretty, and that’s what matters.

The bodysuit was originally supposed to be paired with leggings, to reference my first outfit, but nothing came out to be the same white as the top. So leggies out it is. To my dismay.

It was (once again) freezing, as you can probably tell.

The wig is actually two wigs, one for the base (the bangs are styled as solid as a Lego man’s hair) and one for the ponytail.

It was secured to my head with two wig grips and the clips. It’s a miracle this thing stayed on!

Dawn by the River

Shadowheart sneaks you off to the river at dawn for a treat…

Dildo POV jerk-off-instructions video with a lot of teasing!

Photography: @XYZ