Ramona Flowers
December 2, 2023

Ramona Flowers

I’ve had Ramona in my cosplay plans pretty much forever now, so when the anime came out, it was the perfect time!

The wig was a fun little challenge, using a bright pink layered base, and purple clip in extensions. I may or may not have cut my own hair like this multiple times now, so styling it was fairly easy.

I had bought her clothes on Amazon a couple weeks prior,, but somehow they got lost in the void, and went out looking for accurate pieces on the day of the shoot. Oops.

Somehow,, by some wild miracle, I found the pink tights in a store. The top was a happy accident I came across in another, while looking for the bottoms.

The jacket and hoodie are just pulled from my closet!… Woops. I may be a stereotype.

Ramona’s Collection

Have you ever wondered what horny kit Ramona keeps in her Subspace Suitcase? 

(BDSM) Ramona’s Ride

A Sybian, nipple stimulators, and exhausting predicament bondage… Orgasms? Lost count…. 

(BDSM) Ramona’s Taste

I’m made to clean up my horny mess after all my orgasms… There was a lot…