Beach 2B
August 24, 2023

2B Beach

Take a break at the beach with 2B~
I wish running around in the sand with heels was as easy as games make it look!

When deciding cosplay plans for the week we’d be at Yeti Con, something about this lil outfit just screamed 2B. The neckline and the shape of it reminded me of an almost nothing version of her outfit hehe

This set was shot on the Thursday right before Yeticon, at the nearby beach!
We were lucky to come across this really weird swing set in the sand, it had the perfect spooky apocalyptic vibes we were going for!



….Yes, it was cold.

Beach 2B Topless

2B has more than just a butt ^-^

The cold had some perky effects, but I’m sure you can already tell…