Battle Bunny Miss Fortune
July 30, 2023

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

I’ve had this costume for quite some time now, but the wig was so intimidating! Styling it taught me so many new techniques!

The guns were,,, interesting, to say the least. I bought them pre-made, but when they arrived, I had three days before leaving for Anime North to modify them to make them accurate!

This location was one of the most unique we’ve ever shot in, and also one of the most challenging!

 It was super low light, in a small narrow room lit up with mostly blacklights and rainbow colours!

I couldn’t be happier with how these came out, I’m very glad we took a chance with such a completely shoot location

A few extra pictures at the end from the lewd shoot we also did ^-^

Topless Shoot

Dommy vibes undressing shoot including some holographic BDSM props! ^-^