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Charging Cycle

Tags: 2b, Sybian, Estim, Ballgag

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hardcore BDSM & full nudity

Overcharging Cycle

Tags: Pain Orgasms, Estim, 2b

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About me

I’m Chloe, a 23 year old professional cosplayer from Montreal!

I have a background in photography/theater and some of my interests include ball-jointed dolls, videogames, boardgames, and way too many slightly embarassing hyperfixations.

I started taking cosplay seriously in 2019, and in 2022 I was able to go full time!

I made the progression from fully SFW cosplay to learning I kinda loved taking lewds…

progressively I fell down the rabbit hole of getting lewder and lewder until I finally realized – I really just enjoy everything, and I like the fact you get to see it.

my work involves a lot of outfit design, traveling and seeing cool things, creatively designing all kinds of things but especially…

being genuinely horny and cumming a lot in all kinds of ways?
It may surprise you, but it really doesn’t get old!