Consensual “Corruption”

consensual “corruption” is my personal outlet for my truly degen and hardcore stuff.

it’s part BDSM, part personal and part just me documenting some of the most intense sexual experiences I go through!

it’s a bit unique – a joint account where none of the content needs to be pre-approved by me!

no filters, definitely less polished, and only about my own raw and honest sexual fulfillment – be it through BDSM, training, or even just filming more hardcore content in costume.

i’m a little bit of an exhibitionist… so I like the embarrassing idea of being shown off to you as I get “corrupted” to be shamelessly ever-sluttier.

it’s a win-win!

it’s not for everyone, but you can expect to see some seriously hardcore content (close shots, overstimulation, fun pain, electrical stimulation, etc…), behind the scenes, and general info about stuff we’re working on!

Consensual Corruption BDSM

note: as a joint account, Consensual Corruption has a special trait…
I don’t get to choose what’s posted! if something is embarrassing, I have to live with it (…and enjoy it…). I don’t get a say – for my own sexual fulfillment ^-^

while this is a personal fulfillment account rather than value-driven, the subscription fee gets you all of the content posted!

Rave Miku's Secret

Tags: Plug, Anal Dildo, Orgasms, Fingering, Vibrator

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Frieren's Violet wand

Tags: Pain Orgasms, Violet Wand, Chains

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Overcharging Cycle

Tags: Pain Orgasms, Estim, 2B

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Tags: Hot Wax, Orgasms, Thrusting Vibrator

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Extra Footage: MFW

Tags: Straightjacket, Impact Play, Nipple Clamps & Weights

Full Version

Minty Yeti

Tags: Oily, Mint Oil, Chem-Play, Handcuffed, Humping, Fingering, Ice

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Squirting Sonico

Tags: Monster Dick, Squirting Orgasms, Squirt-Soaked Panty Gag

Full Version

Ramona's Taste

Tags: Short Bonus, Ramona Flowers, Grool-licking, Humiliation

Full Version

Ramona's Ride

Tags: Sybian, Nipple Stimulators, Fucking Machine, Orgasm Overload, Gag

Full Version

Keep Smiling

Tags: Punishment, Humiliation, Electrical Stimulation, Straightjacket, Wand-Fucking

Full Version

Uncropped Monster

Tags: Monster Dick Riding, Massage Gun

Full Version

Clamp Predicament

Tags: Predicament, Nipple Clamps, Rope, Pain

Full Version

Vibe & Fingers

Tags: Masturbation, First Full Frontal, Up-Close, Wet, Vibrator

Full Version

Shocking Punishment

Tags: Punishment, Pain, No Pleasure, Predicament, Pleasers

Full Version

Over Stimulation

Tags: Windows, Orgasm Overload, Forced Self Orgasm Torture, Electrical Stimulation

Full Version

Bedtime Edging

Tags: Sleepy, Cozy, Edging

Full Version

Puppy Rules

Tags: Corset, Electrical Stimulation, Training, Elaborate, Nipple Clamps

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