Photostories are a new form of content – an experiment involving various different forms of media, narratives spanning weeks of posts and updates including various video content payoffs.

Some may involve linear stories, some may involve paths, but all of them will be involved projects with storylines beyond what you would usually expect!


The goal with PhotoStories is to enable my content to tell stories, involve my fans and create longer form projects that have more appeal through their premise!


Montreal Fetish Weekend

The first PhotoStory is a fairly personal and involved exploration of the Montreal Fetish Weekend – An event I recently got to enjoy both from a personal and content creation perspective.

This photostory will be sharing a spin on it with you, bringing you along through the various days events and outfits, with plenty of fun (very) kinky content.

Meet a very eager and kinky Hellhound after the icebreaker and explore all the fetish weekend has to offer with her!

A fictional story inspired by my own experiences, including a transparent view into legendary cosplayer hotel room mess.


30+ chapters are planned, spanning the four days spent at the event.


18 chapters & 3 PPV Videos Released