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My personal BDSM outlet!

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Yandere-Themed JOI game with support for both sexes and various toys and accessories. Hundreds of pictures!

Lewds & Semi Noods & “Casual”

You may have noticed a change in me….


Consensual “Corruption” is my personal outlet for my more vulnerable & more degen stuff!

It’s an account telling my real personal horny subby BDSM story and how it relates to my life and work.

Told from the perspective of training me – it’s about moving past boundaries, being the test subject for many horny ideas, and living a lifestyle that makes my work more fun! While it’s a joint account, the account is focused on my experiences.


I’ve always wanted to become kind of like a Succubus… So I’m consenting to be “corrupted” into one! Teasing, flaunting, commanding your attention until you just can’t look away… It’s all a lot of fun!

It’s kind of embarassing (in a good way) but… It turns out this cosplayer is kind of an exhibitionist and my job really enables that. Objectification and being seen as a sexual thing kind of turns me on too… It’s a win-win for everyone!


A little warning – I like really hardcore things sometimes, and this is unpolished and honest!

Punishments that leave marks, electrostimulation that makes me scream, using my most intense toys to edge until my eyes go empty, cumming over and over until I can’t speak…

It isn’t for everyone (and isn’t meant to be for everyone!), but if you’re interested…

Come be a part of this transformation with me ^-^

There’s also a lot of behind the scenes stuff about what we’re working on like games, comments on shoots from the behind the scenes perspective… stuff like that!

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