My Lewd Platforms

Quick snaps during shoots, day to day lewds and other fun things!

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My favorite platform & where I run my PPV shop!

Same posts as Fansly! PPVs from the shop on request.

My Fansly outlet account for raw, hardcore & BDSM stuff!

Free 18+ shorts, toy reviews, and sex/BDSM tips!

Kurai’s Spicy Goods

All my latest spicy goods!

Feel free to ask me about them on any of my platforms ^-^

Consensual Corruption BDSM

My raw BDSM, Training & Hardcore content!

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Lewds & Semi Noods & “Casual”

Consensual “Corruption” is my personal outlet for my truly degen and hardcore stuff.

It’s part BDSM, part personal and part just me documenting some of the most intense sexual experiences I go through!

It’s a bit unique – a joint account where none of the content needs to be pre-approved by me!

No filters, definitely less polished, and only about my own raw and honest sexual fulfillment – be it through BDSM, training, or even just filming more hardcore content in costume.

I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist… so I like the slightly embarrassing idea of being shown off to you as I get “corrupted” to be shamelessly ever-sluttier.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

You can expect to see some seriously hardcore content (close shots, overstimulation, fun pain, electrical stimulation, etc…), behind the scenes, and general info about stuff we’re working on!

Check it out below!

Content Highlight


PC / Android

Yandere-Themed JOI game with support for both sexes and various toys and accessories. Hundreds of pictures!